Do you think this should warrant a permanent ban?

Okay so I just logged into the game and found I was permanently banned from the game. Now as I read from the forum rules this is not the place to get punishments overturned, and that's not my goal, I was planning on quitting anyways, this is a nice chance for this. So I'm posting to just ask your opinions, do you think this kind of in-game talk should warrant a permanent ban or not? And yes, I have been punished in the past aswell, however never for something that you might see in-game where people wish the C word to your family, or ask you to k*s etc. The problem in my opinion is the automatic system of punishments. Once you have been punished before, the next punishment seems to automatically be harsher than the last one, in a strick defined line. So If you get chat restricted for a minor offence, the next minor offence will be a longer restriction, then ban, then permanent ban. But from the fact that I have still lately seen people showing what I would call "extreme" toxicity, wishing all kind of things to you and your family, being extremely racist etc, I have a feeling they are not getting banned faster, than someone like me. If I am right, being extremely racist is considered the same as saying "ok u are dumb" in Riots eyes. Anyway here's the chatlog that got me permbanned In-Game Kamakas: not so early Kamakas: we can poke tho Kamakas: ye Kamakas: okay lol Kamakas: this rengar Kamakas: is just solocarrying Kamakas: lol Kamakas: u just saw how he is sitting bot lmfao Kamakas: how can u still flame Kamakas: ok u are muted kha so dumb lol Kamakas: 2 kills and 20cs ahead playing 3vs2 and jungler blames lmfao Kamakas: u dont listen Kamakas: just ff Kamakas: kha is farming its fine Kamakas: lol Kamakas: what a joke Kamakas: 1 kill participation vs 7 XD Kamakas: 2 kill participation jungler Kamakas: vs 9 Kamakas: XD Kamakas: just go next lol we cant win with this difference Kamakas: U HAD FLASH XDDDD Kamakas: oh my god let me out Kamakas: press yes lol Kamakas: inting Kamakas: report Kamakas: so bad lol Kamakas: not with these plays

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