šŸ”’ Put on your tinfoil hats, because this is the Riot Games rage/cheat cycle conspiracy.

So, i may be completely wrong, so take this message with a grain of salt. I am just reflecting my opinions and view from my personal experiences. Riot games cares about money a tiny bit more than the league community. (Not trying to call them out or anything but this is true for most businesses and people, {cough elected officials cough} across the board. money talks.) There are certain matches that are rigged for the average Joe, and then there are certain summoners who have practically all their games rigged. The outcome of whether your games are rarely -occasionally rigged, or practically all your games are rigged depends on certain factors. Including things such as your behavioral history, your in-game spending, and any shade/info that follows you from past used accounts( traced using MAC addresses, IP addresses{if linked to 1 or very few}, HWID addresses, email addresses, identical IGN's/passwords, and whether you are using a clean-clean reinstall of League or not) **Okay, so matches can be rarely to practically always rigged and this depends on actions on my account and baggage from my other accounts can follow, In what way are the games rigged and what does money have to do with any of this?** That all starts with new accounts, you need to level them to 30 which can be a long process and there are xp boosts that can help you out, you might also want to buy some ip boosts so you can save for those tier 3 runes faster, also why not get a skin or instantly buy that champion for $$$ this can be quite the chore. This is something that probably doesn't bother newcomers much they get into a world-renowned and stimulating game and they slowly but surely advance through the levels and get better, hopefully they watched/read some guides so they don't make any critical errors and don't ruin too many games. But then, there are those of us who have been there done that and want to get through this phase as fast as possible. So we most definitely buy the boosts, the skins, and the champs. Then there are those that just buy the maxed accounts or bot it to 30, and lets not start to get a tiny bit off-topic. But whatever way you used to rush to 30, it includes Rito gaining $$$, and if you broke the rules to get that rush you are spinning the wheel on this conspiracy. You get banned and rush to lvl 30 again in one of 3 ways, if you pick the illegal ways again chances are you will be banned again. Note not everyone gets caught for buying accounts or botting to level 30, but that takes a very good and trustworthy seller, or good and trustworthy botting method. The idea is you get banned(temporarily or permanently), you rush to lvl 30 and spend more $$$ across more accounts. **Okay, so now i understand what money has to do with this, its a cycle of having to start over and spending more $$$, but what does rage, cheating, and rigged games have to do with this?** Lets say there is this person who is pretty salty or a person that is caught cheating, these people either continue being salty/cheater or become reformed. They rush a new account to level 30, hopefully legally. But when they go into matches, chances are more than occasionally to practically always, those matches will be rigged(this can vary in terms of how toxic of a person the summoner is, and if you are the cheater its practically every game). it does not matter what game mode(except AI obviously), or what mmr they are in the matches will be rigged. League of legends has plenty of of salt and cheaters all across the board for this to be accomplished, and that is how it is. Note, the games are not rigged so much as to you have a less chance of winning than the enemy team(although it kinda has that effect). the game is rigged in a way to try to break you and lure you into breaking the rules, if you are not doing so already. The only way to break free from this cycle, is to untrace/change your HWID, MACC, IP, and email address. Also dont use identical IGNs, passwords, or payment methods, and do a clean-clean uninstall/reinstall of league. And last but not least do not break the rules ever again. But be weary, the average joe is rarely to occasionally introduced into these matches, watch-out and wear your tinfoil hat tightly. Any serious inquiries will be responded to promptly. Want to add to the conspiracy theory? Give me your idea! Up next, 1) Riot allows specific players to cheat (cheats designed by them in a way so that it is actually undetectable and looks like it was just spaghetti code errors when deeply analyzed) Gosu eyes are on you. 2) E-sports is rigged ( it is all a ploy to keep the league gaming community/audience attentive) Note: I will talk about the next two conspiracy simultaneously because they both go hand in hand. Note: PM me in-game to discuss conspiracies, since riot games does not want to allow freedom of-speech. I was not setting this up for argument. I was setting it up for entertainment and discussion and it falls under behavior/moderation.
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