A Solution to Toxicity (and/or AFK)???

Why not have different queues for those with Honor-Level-3 and higher? Boom. Toxic players won't make it there or won't stay there for long. And even persistent AFK could get bumped down to the "toxic queue". I would rather wait an extra 5-15 minutes for the queue timer to get placed only with people who have a track record of honorable play - assuming the queue would be a bit longer because there would be a smaller player base in the honorable queue. And with an Honor 3 requirement, this would prevent many toxic people from being able to just create a new account and toxic-troll in that queue. You can't just get to level 30 and ranked. You have to play with consistent non-toxic behavior for quite a while. Another benefit is that if Riot wanted to not actually ban accounts, the separate queue would be only for those who were either toxic(including repeat afk offenders) or who were willing to play with those who are toxic. So let those who qualify for honor-queue choose to queue up with the toxic players if they want. This would allow them to play with their friends even if they have toxic friends. GOOD IDEA? Vote in the poll and comment below. If you have other ideas, please say them. I am not ego-tied to this idea but would love to get a community created solution to the trolling (afk and/or toxic) problems that the community could then push RIOT to adopt.
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