the punishement system after the honor rework is completely exagerated

now i used to only get chat restricted for 10 games at most every few months,why?cuz i would say to bad players that they are after the rework even the smallest flame can be counted and enough of them and u get permabanned.there is not a single system ina game,sports where that exist,the other games only ban ppl who hate speech(which im totally for).but riot and also ppl who say ppl like me deserve it dont understand that ranked league is a competitive environnement.ppl like me care about ranking up and th trigger to us flaming is simply some one who clearly dosnt share the same drive who clearly underperforms out of pure lazyness.because unlike sports, ppl can join in soloq anytime they want and they can treat it as they wish,so a lot of ppl who dont care and who just play rank for fun instead of normals cuz the games quality are better ruins other ppl experience.because whena bot lane goes 0-12 in a 2v2 that means they refuse to learn from their mistakes and continue to do the same because as i said,they dont care,since this is ranked and it affects other ppl,these players should be ready to receive some kind of negative feed back,if that turns them off from ranked ,good.they dont deserve to be in that place to begin with,this new system makes me think about how the world is becoming, where everything is offensive and no one can handle anything themselves and are feeling attacked,or schools who now give everyone participation throphy so bad participants dont feel bad about losing instead of celebrating the winners and making ppl feel like they need to work hard to achieve the same,now bad players think its okay to be bad and ppl who negativly outlash them are in the wrong even tho if u were a really bad player in any competitive sports all ur teammates would say that ur trash and u would get benched and eventualy kicked out of the team
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