After showing improved behavior over the past year, warnings from over a year ago led to a permaban

I received multiple warnings about my behavior around a year ago. I heeded the warnings and changed my behavior for a few months afterward (muting argumentative players instead of engaging in toxicity, turning off all-chat, queuing with friends only to limit the need to communicate via text chat, etc). I eventually took a long break from the game after losing interest (recently started playing regularly again about 2 months ago, so it was probably a 6-8 month break) and continued where I left off in terms of improved behavior. Having completely forgot about my warnings because they were so long ago, I got into a few arguments in the past week where I used hostile language and have received a permanent ban on my account. After a long period of showing reformed behavior, there was no soft reset on my tribunal standing (as you would expect for showing good behavior) and I was treated as if I had never improved my behavior at all. **Discussion points:** - Should your account be on thin ice forever after receiving behavioral warnings? - Do you think reformed individuals should be treated with such skepticism by Riot that they are banned upon the first time they slip up? Do they deserve one more warning after demonstrating substantial improvement?
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