So @RiotTantram - Riot's thoughts on saying "EZ" after a win

Simple question. Is saying EZ after a game ban worthy or not? If it's not reportable, I'm not sure why. Saying EZ after a game is clearly unsportsmanlike and negative. This wasn't used very much when I started but is now happening every game, regardless of whether you won or lost. And not only is one person doing it, but multiple people are as well. You see League players are the special kinds of people who can't be satisfied with winning a game, even if they dominate it. They need to go that extra mile to pour salt in the wounds and aggravate players. One of the worst feelings in this game is when you really put out a good performance but you lose and someone still has the audacity to say "EZ" after. If it's reportable, I'm not really seeing much done about it. I've reported for over 100 EZ's alone this year and I've seen no messages saying someone was punished. Yeah sure, "they'll get punished if they do it frequently enough", yeah and I'll rival Faker if I CS better. That's not good enough and it sends an awful message of - Do whatever bad thing you want to do in game, just don't do it frequently. It's also saying "hey, don't even bother reporting it, because we aren't going to do anything about it, but don't you dare reply back because that'd be toxic". So what's the status?
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