help with win rate advice

hi i am a bronze player who is looking to get better but i can't carry because something will happen like in my mid game were the team chased kills instead of getting towers. this happens a lot and i just have no clue what to do. i see the mistakes i am making but i am not carrying the games. i would no like to be a meta slave because i don't like that play but for evey 7 games i play i win 2. i player told me that the team wins and the team throws but how to i get that to stop in my last game i told my team lets get mid tower and not chase kills than we lost for no good reason. i like to have my back against the wall but its getting to the point were i want help and to find out what i can do to be better. i know i am bronze and suck at the game but that is why i would love someone who is willing to give me help. i put help out in the forum before and would love to hear more feed back
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