Permbanned on my D1 acc, why these bans are bullcrap

Hello boards, --- First of all I want to say, I think this ban system has become disgusting and flawed. After my 14 day suspension I tried to steer away from toxicity, but to no avail. After playing over 30 games, 3 out of all those games got me a permanent suspension(2 out of 3 had no flame in them, I only flamed the last game of the day due to frustration). Before you start calling bull-shit on this and spam downvoting it, please read the post. --- I want to give the reason why I think this system and punishments are heavily flawed. The in game reform card you get after a report, only shows chat logs written by the player that got the suspension. There is no context given AT ALL, and the system bans based off words written in the chat. I occasionaly curse in game, however I do NOT flame my teammates. The system makes it look like I flame my teammates. There is an option in game to enable curse words if people find it botherful, why are we getting punished for saying **_~~f*&$~~_**? If people are toxic in the chat only, why does Riot not roll out permanent mutes? Most other games do it this way, and it is effective. Meanwhile people that run it down mid whenever they lose, steer clear because they did not talk in game. --- On to my ban, on this day I was aiming to hit master, and after a frustrating day with many hours played(over 10, I know that is unhealthy) I was getting close to diamond 1. The last few games of the day got me banned, and 2 out of 3 of those are absolute bull. Here's why; Game 1 that I got punished for(keep in mind I had a lot of non toxic games in between of these) and these games I had not flamed anyone; Ok, this LOOKS toxic, but there is no context. The only point where I should have toned it down a bit is at the end. Here is what I said broken down: **Game 3:** Challenger Jax: y Challenger Jax: gods plan Challenger Jax: if you want to ignore me go ahead _This is what I tell my jungle upfront every game, it is a tactic I use to let him know I am fine so he focuses on bot. Since I usually have a bad experience when bot gets ignored. I did not flame anyone here, I did not tell anyone to mute me. And notice the drake lyric, I type random stuff when I am bored._ Challenger Jax: ff Challenger Jax: in 3 mins Challenger Jax: we wont win this one Challenger Jax: dont bother _Now I rarely ff games unless **I KNOW WHEN THEY ARE LOST** and I just stated my honest opinion here. This game I had a duo bot flaming my jungler, because he did not gank them. They were toxic and I typed this after keeping my mouth shut for over 15 minutes straight. Everyone was flaming eachother, except a few people. I had not said anything before this point._ Challenger Jax: this is Challenger Jax: why I said Challenger Jax: ignore top _I did not flame my jungler, I explained to him why I did not want any ganks. Our bot lane lost and flamed him as I anticipated. _ Challenger Jax: still trading Challenger Jax: lul _We made a bad trade, and I just threw this out there in hopes of having our team understand that we should not trade._ Challenger Jax: worth? Challenger Jax: finally got hi Challenger Jax: m _We made a trade and I called it worth._ Challenger Jax: WORST BEHAVIOUR _Lyric from my boy, Drake once again. Not flame! Challenger Jax: I dont think Challenger Jax: the jg lost bot Challenger Jax: I think you just inted Challenger Jax: go next Challenger Jax: in 2 _Ok after this point I got a bit ticked off. Keep in mind my bot was HEAVILY flaming our jungler. I did not say anything for the majority of this game, and I wanted to move on to the next game._ Challenger Jax: how Challenger Jax: does that Challenger Jax: cost a whole fuckin lane? _My bot was flaming our jungler here again, for them losing their lane after one gank. Usually after one death you should be able to keep a lane stable, which is why I did not agree with their statement. Now I curse, but I did not flame our bot. _ Challenger Jax: na Challenger Jax: they cant sit under turret? _My mid started blaming our jungle aswell, I asked him this._ Challenger Jax: na Challenger Jax: 0/6 Challenger Jax: piss off bro Challenger Jax: thats just trash _Here I got ticked off from the constant flame from the duo bot lane, this was at the end of the game. I agree, a little toxic but I was critisizing their gameplay not them. If someone said this to me I would take it to the next game and try to improve._ --- **Game 2:** _Guess what, after Q ing up again. I get the SAME bot lane on the enemy team. I did not flame them here at all though. I ended up having afks and inters this game. 2 people were just trolling._ Challenger Jax: no need Challenger Jax: I can solo win Challenger Jax: go camp bot Challenger Jax: fk top Challenger Jax: lol _My jungler asked me if I wanted ganks, remembering last game I said this._ Challenger Jax: doesnt matter Challenger Jax: lul _My bot lane got ganked and they were losing again, they were getting frustrated and I said this to try and calm them down._ Challenger Jax: lul Challenger Jax: confident _Complimenting a play from someone._ _At this point hell broke lose, I stay quiet for a while when people flame and get mad. My Alistar ran it down mid, Draven was sitting bot afk farming and afk pushing, only to end up with tonnes of deaths on purpose._ Challenger Jax: aight Challenger Jax: fk that Challenger Jax: im fking Challenger Jax: unlucky Challenger Jax: im tilted Challenger Jax: 3v5 _My bot lane ACTUALLY afked/ran it down here. I did not say this because of them playing bad. Mid and jungle were frustrated aswell and we all just gave up at this point, but we kept playing it out not to get banned. ~~the IRONY~~ _ Challenger Jax: im not in this aswell _Our whole team wanted to afk now because we had bot running it down, however I played it out in the end._ Challenger Jax: dont think so Challenger Jax: u sure? Challenger Jax: u sure? Challenger Jax: no f ez _Calls_ Challenger Jax: are we gonna try Challenger Jax: or do we keep crying Challenger Jax: waste of a game Challenger Jax: tbh Challenger Jax: im playing _Everyone was flaming, I said this to make clear we should concentrate and play. Our alistar did not want to play and I told him it was a waste to afk. I was still strong at this point in game._ Challenger Jax: stop being a kid _Referring to ali running it down_ Challenger Jax: na Challenger Jax: you guys arent trying at this point Challenger Jax: its you _Alistar and Draven said they were inting because of our jungle not having ganked as much as theirs, I told them they might have been correct for the early game. But them inting and running it down mid/late is why we lost._ Challenger Jax: you had bot? Challenger Jax: better lose the rest. Challenger Jax: fuck man what a game Challenger Jax: then cry about the jg _I referred to them having bot and then throwing it out the window, because they decided to int. I got tired at this point._ Challenger Jax: Ali Challenger Jax: Go demote _Alistar was on the brink of demoting, and I said this later on when I had given up aswell._ Challenger Jax: buddy Challenger Jax: ali Challenger Jax: just quit the game Challenger Jax: if you play for early _I DID NOT SAY THIS IN A NEGATIVE CONTEXT, I actually meant this. If you play league to int after one death just quit. It is not worth it if you end up inting._ Challenger Jax: waste of money Challenger Jax: is all I know _Alistar replied with him just buying a new acc if he got a ban. Really?_ Challenger Jax: just end it im tilted aswell _4/5 people were afk at this point except me, I gave up in the end too._ Challenger Jax: because Challenger Jax: he likes to lose games Challenger Jax: then to his friends he says his teams int Challenger Jax: typical _This was said in all chat as a reaction to the enemy asking why he inted. There was no reason why. Alistar kept trying to justify it with giving the team all the blame._ Challenger Jax: you guys got the win man why are you lol Challenger Jax: I mean Challenger Jax: want to swap places? Challenger Jax: got hte loss anyway Challenger Jax: might aswell play _The enemy duo bot (from last game by the way) started flaming me for still playing. They called me multiple things, to which I did **NOT** flame back. _ Challenger Jax: get the dude a ban Challenger Jax: atleast _Our team wanted to report Alistar, Draven ended up playing again after he realized we could still win 25+ minutes in._ **Really ??!?** Did I deserve the reports this game. I did not flame **ANYONE**. The enemy duo bot reported me and in the end game lobby flamed me a bit more, because they had a grudge on me from last game. Again looking at this game without context makes me look like a heavy cuck. --- **Game 1** This is the last game of the day, I got another player afking on me. Agreed I flipped and this is the only game where I might have deserved a small punishment. But a permanent ban? **Hell no.** I played over 15 games this day and flamed one out of 20? Challenger Jax: I was birthed here my first year Challenger Jax: Man I know this place I come from it _Joking with a teammate_ Challenger Jax: every champs range Challenger Jax: is aids against his snare Challenger Jax: that fk sits 9000 range behind you and just snares you Challenger Jax: Sadly I was oom _Not flaming anyone, I know I cursed a bit. I was pretty titled and mad from the past 2 games of having to deal with flamers/inters._ _Then again there is a filter to remove cursing? This was said as a reaction to my teammate saying their range was small compared to Swain his snare. I simply agreed with him after ganking his lane.** NOT FLAME!**_ Challenger Jax: im fine bro Challenger Jax: ???????? _Here is where I really lost it, I had played for too long this day. Me saying: im fine bro - made my sejuani jungle flash into my lane, ult my turret, then she proceeded to base and afk. **REALLY?**_ ~~trigger warning, after my sej afkd I flipped~~ Challenger Jax: go afk Challenger Jax: you piece of sht Challenger Jax: nerd Challenger Jax: you think I give a fuck _Ok, this is the only instance where I attacked someone, after 3 games of this that happend. I did not flame for over 30 games, this was a first._ Challenger Jax: tbh Challenger Jax: fuck off from ehre _Sejuani returned from her afk and went to my lane, I did not want her help and was pretty mad._ Challenger Jax: asking politely for him to leave Challenger Jax: and he flashes so now im flaming him Challenger Jax: fking deserved Challenger Jax: This btch saying - im jungle _This is what I said out of impuls aswell, but I got really mad from him afking/flashing and ulting my lane on purpose. She said; im jungle I make up where I gank as an excuse to her afk/flash and ult on my turret._ Challenger Jax: I wouldnt be mad if you won now bro _Enemy vlad, I said this in all chat to him because I liked him_ Challenger Jax: dog Challenger Jax: wheres your flash Challenger Jax: no shit Challenger Jax: idc Challenger Jax: go afk Challenger Jax: give me a loss _Sej flashed in base again, and wanted to afk. My braum was losing it just as bad as I did at this point. We were all flaming a bit, because of our Sejuani deciding not to play._ Challenger Jax: ? Challenger Jax: why are you apoligizing Challenger Jax: to sej Challenger Jax: dude flashed then ulted my lane Challenger Jax: because I said I was fine _My adc tried to be nice and said sorry to Sejuani. Ofcourse I see why, he wanted a win, but I was ticked off from having to deal with this a third time. _ Challenger Jax: hes Challenger Jax: shit _**THIS WAS NOT SAID TO SEJ**, it was said to an enemy. I was stomping this game early/mid game despite the afking jungle. It was an inkling of me tryharding to win and trying to calm people down by calling others bad. (As in, it is ok they are not that good, we can still win.) _ Challenger Jax: l0l Challenger Jax: you wanna nash Challenger Jax: into vlad / swain Challenger Jax: udyr Challenger Jax: how to solo lose the game Challenger Jax: ft braum _I know this was a bad call, any d1/master(ego showing) player should know this. Braum was tilted and we were all behind. Braum was flaming and made a baron call. We ended up going for it against a fed > udyr/vlad/swain. That does not end well. Especially since our jungle was doing camps the whole game._ Challenger Jax: go next now Challenger Jax: what was that call Challenger Jax: braum Challenger Jax: did you click tab or what/ _We all wanted to give up at this point, I did not flame braum here. The baron call failed as I expected. We all almost died except a few people. They got baron._ Challenger Jax: ALL BARON Challenger Jax: muting all before I lose myself _Enemy team was on baron again, I had not talked for a while._ Challenger Jax: fk it Challenger Jax: why even try Challenger Jax: we lost btw Challenger Jax: theyre better 5v5 _Our whole team was arguing on why we lost, we did not flame eachother at this point._ Challenger Jax: bc of that baron call Challenger Jax: that lost the whole game Challenger Jax: and btw Challenger Jax: sej is afking 90% of the fights _We argued on why we lost, I pointed out sej being afk in our jungle the whole time. Not playing._ Challenger Jax: enjoy the loss Challenger Jax: gg vlad Challenger Jax: glad you won _I said enjoy the loss as a joke, this was at the very end when our nexus was getting hit. I said in all chat that I was glad vlad won, because he played well._ --- I got banned off these games, I only really flamed in ONE? Then again my jungle caused me to flip after she decided to afk, because I politely said that I was fine top lane. The other two were actual _**bullshit**_ reports. Really? This game got so hung up on banning its players, it breeds toxicity. Players get mad, because they have to deal with sitting behind their turrets when they lose lane after continues ganks. They end up inting/flaming if something does not go their way. And guess what? We get banned if we call them out on it. Especially in d1/master this shit happens. Stop banning people that curse, ban the trolls that do not talk in game. Mute people that flame, do not chat restrict them. We can always communicate with pings. Pardon my bad English, it is my fourth language. And for the people that want to see, here is my only deserved report; **tl/dr** People should not get banned for flaming in chat, **_MUTE THEM_**. Remove chat restrictions, player reform card is actual bull. It shows no context to situations at all and only shows what the player said making them look bad. This game has become overly frustrating, and people that call out trollers/inters get punished. While the trollers/inters walk away, since there is not bot tracking them. But saying bad words makes papa Riot punish you heavily. --- Much love, _~~euws own Hashinshin~~_ jk, Challenger jax
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