Cowsep's Response AND a great chance to talk about KOREAN SERVER toxicity!!

Hi everyone, I'm Cowsep, the guy that everyone is flaming / calling a racist in the other thread. I didn't even realize this forum section existed but if Riot reads it, great! Today we need to talk about toxicity in Korean League of Legends. First let me clear something up. Apparently I quit a Silver 2 Game and my behavior is toxic etc etc. First of all here is the game I quit: Second of all, I quit the game on a death timer, when I thought my team could end without me, and then when I noticed they weren't good enough to end it, I simply reconnected and helped them end. There really should not be any argument here. The client takes god awful to load when its hidden during a game, and if you watch me at all, I ALWAYS close my game early. This time a bit too early, but again, I reconnected and ended the game. Watch the VOD yourselves, the OP in the last thread didn't include any of this information (5 hours, 58 minutes in, it does not appear to be starting at the right time...): Next, lets talk about some real toxicity that RIOT GAMES HAS DONE NOTHING ABOUT FOR SEVERAL YEARS. Korean League of Legends server has an insane problem with toxicity. Like, its absolutely insane. Most people can't read Korean so when they watch my stream they don't see the written toxicity, but you can definitely FEEL it. I actually got called racist in the last thread because of how much I preach how much of a shithole this server is. Kind of like this clip that happened YESTERDAY with even a PRO PLAYER (SKT T1 Bang) in my game (literally no fucks given): Translation: Cowsep: Anyone want to go Sion? 3rd pick: HAHAHAHA 3rd pick: Its the mother fucking yankee, look at his Korean writing. Cowsep: Yes I got a Korean patch (its an expression in Korea) Bang: Are you a foreigner? 3rd pick: Sorry, when I played with this guy earlier he sucked so Im gonna throw this game. I don't even need to translate the rest because he said it in English. GO BACK TO YOUR SERVER. This is just a small example of NORMAL behavior in the Korean server. Ever heard of China dogs? Korean Dogs? Taiwan #1? China #1? I'm not the racist here. Here is a post from 3 years ago talking about RACISM IN THE KOREA SERVER (this is my old reddit account, someone hacked it and deleted it): NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE, AT ALL. NOTHING!!!!!! --- You know that thread thats calling me a quitter? When I didn't actually quit? Do you know why I was smurfing? Its because I couldn't play my D2 account because someone was AFK in the fountain and I had to wait for the game to end. Instead of sitting in the fountain waiting for the game to end and boring my viewers, I had to QUIT and play on a different account. VOD (5 hours, 28 minutes, I'm still trying and my teammates put "OPEN" in chat and Sion buys tear + mobi): (Tear Game) THIS IS DAILY STUFF!!! I have to put up with THEIR BULLSHIT multiple times a day so someone doesn't post a stupid thread about the crazy toxic streamer on the forums like there was today. I'd post a picture of every pre 20 minute game where someone goes afk, but it'd be too much! Instead, heres a picture of 3 in a row! Koreans are also extremely toxic when you take blue buff. There was a thread on Reddit where Tyler1 took the blue buff and the mid laner went AFK. Everyone went nuts. You **KIDDING ME? **That is a normal Korean game. Anyone who watches my stream knows that I do not get a single blue after 7 minutes because of fear of my mid laner AFKing. I at one point was highlighting all the mid laners AFKing but it simply became WAY too much! I even had a Diamond 4 account, renamed it to "I'm taking the blue buff", and told them in lobby I was taking blue buff, and I ended up in Platinum 2 from Koreans going AFK! Its INSANE! Did I mention that the Korean servers punishment server is non-existent? You get banned for saying "fuck". **Thats it. ** I mean, theres a leave buster as well, not like it matters, any smart person will walk around until the game ends. As long as you do not write "fuck" in Korean, you will not get banned. I mean, there might be some other Korean swear words, but seriously the filter is pathetic. I've reported this issue to Riot Support multiple times and all they told me was to take it up with the Korean support. I've taken it up with Korean support and they told me to use the ingame report system (it doesn't work except for "cussing" and even that just checks for "fuck" LUL). You may think me leaving the game and reconnecting and giving my team a win is toxic, but for the love of god something needs to be done about the Korea server. I've been living here and playing here for 6 years, AND NOTHING HAS IMPROVED EXCEPT FOR A "FUCK" FILTER! So thank you for creating a thread and bringing attention to this part of the forum I never knew existed. Instead of witch hunting me for doing absolutely nothing wrong, hopefully we can take part in fixing the Korea server and INFINITELY REDUCING THE STRESS I HAVE ON A DAILY BASIS. **ARE YOU LISTENING RIOT?** Cowsep
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