is it cheating?

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For anyone who is able to check this game that i linked pls tell me what the heck happened?? I played aram solo q and my team decided to almost not play at all. I felt like beeing the only human. My thought through the game were confusing. I thought they may be premades and trolling, but then i checked their items and they just bought items until they couldnt and they didnt upgrade or sell any of them just until it was full. That was when i thought "hey, maybe its a program which allows multiple account to run on a device and do random stuff as like bots do." It was just not rational or it didnt make any sense. Pls Let this get checked asap. I dont want to play a game where people are cheating in any way. And im totally sorry for my grammar as for my mistakes. Im dumb as hell. Have a nice Monday.
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