Okay, listen. Nobody thinks your good.

So crying about how your jungle or other teammate came and gave your lane a kill which snowballed your lane and made you go 0-8+ is not fooling anybody. Pointing out others mistakes is only making you look like a chat bannable cry baby. Seriously, by saying 'x' player made you do bad just makes you look like an idiot. So many people posting chat logs with chat bans recently thinking they didn't deserve it because it wasn't their fault that someone else made them do bad so they decided to them call them out with trash talk and let everyone know what happened... as if your team wasn't in the same game as you the whole time watching. Listen. Nobody thinks you're good, so bashing teammates because you arent snowballing isn't helping you, it's just making you get further behind and susceptible to punishment. Riot isn't dealing with anyone's bullshit anymore. Bans are getting handed out left and right ranging from chat bans to permanent because they feel the need to permanently ban people for trash talking. So long story short save your account and shut the hell up. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. And even if what you have to say is nice but isn't important, don't say it. Everything can be twisted to look like toxicity in a chat log, even if you only type "haha" so stop typing. You're welcome.
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