Reworking the Banning system/Rework Permabans

Hello, everyone I was once a what some may have considered a slightly toxic player that has been "reformed", meaning I've changed my attitude towards League. Since I've reformed I've reached honor 5 last season 7 on a new account and currently on my way to honor 3 this season. Anytime some is typing too much I just mute them instead of "bming" or "flaming" them. I was just thinking Riot/League should rework permabans, I think no player should be permabanned for having one game of toxicity or however many it may take. If I player is being too toxic they should be given chat restrictions instead, or 30mins queue timers. Que timers also might seem harsh but are better than permabanning someone. So what do you guys think? Should players receive other penalties issued instead of permabanning peoples accounts or other ideas such as bring back tribunal? or giving players once banned accounts a once or 3 times strikes to actually completely permabanning them completely? Also, keep in mind, yes <insert Gamertag here> may have deserved it, but what if you were them? Would you want the same penalty issued to you??? Thanks for the ideas and your time to read this post.

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