RIOT Code of Conduct: Perma Banned Account

So Riot recently perma banned one of my account for calling people "trash" and what not in ranked games. In my chat restrictions I received the chat logs which, the worse thing, I said in any of the chat logs was calling someone "trash" or "garbage". I understand that it was not right to do that but my problem with this company is that they never show the entire chat log from the game only what I said. In some games, I have had people tell me to go kill myself as well as use racial slurs against me and homophobic slurs, yet when I reported them I never received an instant feedback report? So I guess this company would rather let players who are racists and homophobes stay in the game while someone like me who calls people who feed trash be completely banned from playing ? Furthermore, in their Summoners Code, they encourage ignoring players who flame and to mute them but very time I did that , they were quick to respond with their own tirade. So the people who responded to me with their own expletives should have also been banned or chat restricted as well, not just me, since they proved to be no different. Yet this never happened , I never received any feedback on those players or their chat logs. So my point is that if Riot wants to punish me for calling people garbage then so be it , but read the entire chat logs from games and punish ALL parties involved because those who respond are just as toxic they just don't get reported. The only time perma bans should be given is when someone calls someone a racial slur or tell them to kill themselves because those type of people are the ones who should truly be removed from the game and are not. Those type of offenses should be an INSTANT BAN. In all my tirades I have never done or would say anything of that nature to ANYONE. In the days leading up to my recent tirade I had reached an honor checkpoint which I had not reached in since before my account was issued a 14 day ban, so I was improving and trying to get better but yet Riot seemed to ignore all that because I called someone who went 1-7 and had no big items built 25 minutes into the game and was somehow in an entire TIER under me but yet was still placed in my game. I would like a RIOT employee to explain to me why people who has used homophobic and or racial slurs, is still allowed to be playing this game but yet someone who calls people trash or garbage is not ? PLEASE I beg of any RIOT employee to try to defend a player that has used a homophobic or racial slur, or has told someone to kill themselves. dantheman1325: top and jg are a joke dantheman1325: i cant hit a q? lmfaooo dantheman1325: 4 and 12 trash dantheman1325: killl lux u morons [All]dantheman1325: and nobody cares ur trash [All]dantheman1325: NOBODY CARES dantheman1325: im done yall are so bad dantheman1325: learn to dodge a skill shot dantheman1325: top and jg reported for feeding A top and jg who are a tier below the rest of the team, going 4 and 12 and 4 and 13 and still not wanting to surrender when they are at our base and I get banned for calling them out ?? And they still get to keep playing the game when they constantly feed in other ranked games (based on match history) and waste other people's time? I understand having a bad game on in a while because it happens to me but when it every other game and your constantly losing YOU should NOT be playing RANKED and should be temporarily banned from it. I also ONLY received ONE 14 day ban before getting perma banned LOL This is why something like this should be subject to subjection but rather automated and have everyone involved punished equally. If an employee sees my chat logs one may say " well this is not that bad" while another may think "omg this person is so toxic they need to be perma banned " yeah code of conduct should not be subjective unless it being judged my multiple people.
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