I take a break from lol and come back to see it's just as azs as it used to be.

I expected the gorillas(ghostcrawler, fire him already you morons) that balance the game to be working there sadly but I hope they could improve something. So I get a 24, yes 24 chat restriction for this. For what? And shall we go to the game? I had a sion adc and taliyah top. Sorry, AD taliyah top. And who gets in trouble? Me for no reason and the trolls? nothing. Now let's see how many downvotes I can rack up from the fanboys. Game 1 Lesbíañ: lol Lesbíañ: sion has lost like 9/10 games Lesbíañ: well mid here i go Lesbíañ: we have 2 trolls on this team Lesbíañ: let's finish this asap Lesbíañ: sion you are diamond last season Lesbíañ: now you are in silver losing all your games? Lesbíañ: ok go ahead Lesbíañ: report the troll adc and top lane Lesbíañ: lol no Lesbíañ: lol lb isn't even trying either Lesbíañ: lb admits to not helping. reported as well Lesbíañ: i don't lane with trolls Lesbíañ: why? i go in and she says she refused to help me. yeah ok Lesbíañ: damn you guys suck Lesbíañ: i didn't know bot would be so bad Lesbíañ: sion dies way to fast Lesbíañ: towers Lesbíañ: towers Lesbíañ: can you please not go glass cannon sion Lesbíañ: hello? Lesbíañ: nice Lesbíañ: we aren't gonna win with a sion who dies instantly Lesbíañ: yup Lesbíañ: 1-4. calls us trolls Lesbíañ: lol and you asshats were saying i was the troll and those 2 weren't Lesbíañ: well i want to go so ff on the next one Lesbíañ: yes Lesbíañ:  Lesbíañ: yeah it is Lesbíañ: it's trolling Lesbíañ: that is like building ap vayne Lesbíañ: i'm support you ape Lesbíañ: 7 deaths Lesbíañ: yes i gotta go Lesbíañ: lmfao a "censored" repost since it got deleted. And before you ask, yes that is the only game listed on the restricted.
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