Honor People Based on Behavior, not KDA

First off, let me start by saying that I am a bad player. I am hardstuck Bronze V and I am showing no indications of getting out anytime soon. I got into a game with a Vi who was Honor Level 5 and a Jax who was Honor Level 3. About 5-6 minutes into the game, I made a bad play and gave up First Blood to the enemy Vel'Koz. I acknowledge that the aforementioned play was entirely my fault, but after a few minutes, Vi and Jax started to simultaneously flame me for "being bad" despite only having 1 death at the time. I was flamed for not contributing to teamfights, but I have a good reason for not doing so. After the initial first blood, Vi decided to gank my lane and ended up giving Vel'Koz another kill. At this point, I decided that it would be best to stay away from teamfights, as the enemy team were already snowballing really hard and I did not want to give anyone on the enemy team any more kills. I decided to push down towers as best I could. Unfortunately, the enemy team kept collapsing on me and I died a few times while trying to splitpush. Now at this point, the insults from Vi and Jax were so much I had to mute them both. Jax and Vi also flamed our bottom lane for dying to a ridiculously fed 14-kill Vel'Koz(There was nothing the botlane could have done to prevent their deaths). I ended the game 1/9/4(not my best performance) and Jax and Vi agreed to report me for "intentional feeding"(despite my best efforts to avoid dying and still contribute to the team). Anyway, the point of this post is, Vi and Jax were both really good players, I shall make no attempt to deny that. However, the fact that they were both incredibly toxic in that game leads me to believe that they were honored solely based on their KDAs. It is truly astounding how people this toxic can reach Honor Levels 5 and 3, as I believe that if people were honoring based on behavior, they never would have gotten very far in the Honor System. The Honor System is supposed to reward those who display exemplary behavior, not toxic players who happen to be good at the game. I am keeping an open mind, and maybe Jax and Vi just had a very bad day. If that is the case, then I send them my sincerest condolences. However, if it happens that they are always like this when they lose, then they most certainly do not deserve to be at the Honor Level they are at. Moral of the Story: Honor based on behavior, not KDA
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