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Little backstory, Jax goes and fights a level 2 illaoi without his stun and loses, flames me within 2-3 minutes and then basically soft ints by fighting illaoi constantly, game 1 is my chat. Game 2 Neeko's champ got banned and he basically afk farmed jungle neeko, while obviously flaming me the whole time. I've disabled chat permanently now but any tips to avoid tilting into the stratosphere in situations like this, like I replied way too much but its to infuriating to see someone constantly talk shit about you in game and tell the enemy to report you and not even defend yourself Game 1 Pre-Game Outypoo: +1 Outypoo: lol Outypoo: i took top with smite before by accident In-Game Outypoo: just play safe (Literally right after his first death minutes into the game) Outypoo: at level 4 you would beat him Outypoo: im bot atm Outypoo: will come top soon Outypoo: bruh Outypoo: ????? Outypoo: I CANT FLY Outypoo: report jax please Outypoo: nice feed dude Outypoo: 3/0 in 5 mins Outypoo: youre blind Outypoo: i helped you twice, helped bot once and constantly counterganking ekko Outypoo: youre reported Outypoo: NICE SS Outypoo: all report jax Outypoo: please Outypoo: 0/5/0 Outypoo: lol Outypoo: LOL Outypoo: 0/3/0 in 4 mins Outypoo: you guys know im trying to help 5 people right? Outypoo: cant help under tower Outypoo: omega lul Outypoo: no SS from jax all game Outypoo: 1/7 Outypoo: and he says report me Outypoo: i dont get it Outypoo: ok 1/7 Outypoo: 1/8 actually Outypoo: could you imagine dying 4 times in 4 minutes and blaming your jungler Outypoo: i cant Outypoo: jax Outypoo: died 4 times in the first 4 mins Outypoo: and said its my fault Outypoo: i did lmao Outypoo: and i cant when panth is that fed Outypoo: sure Outypoo: you lost us the game Outypoo: stop talking Outypoo: ok buddy Outypoo: lol Outypoo: +1 Outypoo: jax is inting Outypoo: lol Outypoo: we cant barohn Outypoo: yea you do more to lose Outypoo: jax flames and cries when i reply Outypoo: lol Outypoo: just rep him Outypoo: cant do anything more Outypoo: keep talking Outypoo: wait me Outypoo: report jax please Game 2 Pre-Game Outypoo: ill chogath if they pick akali Outypoo: depends who im against Outypoo: reported Outypoo: also they only have nasus as tank Outypoo: and he wont go tank Outypoo: he'll go damage In-Game Outypoo: all this complaining i forgot my runes Outypoo: report neeko Outypoo: he said ff 15 already and troll picked neeko Outypoo: and all the complaining in lobby chat made me forget my runes Outypoo: 4head Outypoo: nice ss Outypoo: neeko reported for sure Outypoo: no ganks at all Outypoo: and ive seen yi 3 times Outypoo: and talon once Outypoo: lOL Outypoo: u think im superman? Outypoo: first death m8 Outypoo: safe from then Outypoo: and tower dives Outypoo: youre 0/1/1 at 16 mins Outypoo: yi is 2/0/1 Outypoo: have i seen you top once? Outypoo: this is why youre reported Outypoo: +1 Outypoo: absolute specimen Outypoo: report neeko pls Outypoo: ty
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