Is It Bannable to Call Someone Autistic? (VENT WARNING)

Ok, So last game I was mid Vel'Koz versus a Zoe. She was objectively better, and Lee Sin kept ganking. Our support (Thresh) was not happy about how I was constantly dying. He soon after started calling me things like garbage, trash, and to "stop acting autistic". Now normally I'm not too annoyed by these things as he's just a guy behind a screen and can't hurt me IRL. But the problem there is it was totally uncalled for. It was obvious I was having a bad game. He got mad and proceeded to feed a kill and then disconnect from a still winnable game. I just want to see justice done, but I don't wanna be THAT guy (AKA BAN HIS ASS NOW RITO PLZ). Have you had experiences similar? Feel free to vent here with me. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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