EDIT:I have filled out a support ticket for my situation prior to making this post. So, in about october of 2016 i decided to play league and figured out that my password was changed. I filled out the support ticket, got my account back from the hacker, ect. Ect. Well, the hacker spent $90 of rp on my account, keep in mind, it was already on my account before i regained access to it, I did not buy it, infact, it was already used. I went to my rp purchase history and it says 90 bucks. Well fast forward a few months and I have no internet because my family has been going through some hard times with money; so we could not afford it for about 4 months. Well I just tried to log into my account today for the first time in 4 months and it said I am permabanned.... No reason, just to check my email. I rummaged through my emails and found out that I have been banned for a chargeback, my first reaction was "what is going on, whats a charge back!" I read it and then I was even more confused than I was before. I owe riot $40? What?!? I didn't do anything. I was hacked and the hacker spent money, I didn't do it. The only thing I can think of is that the hacker spent money on MY account, and then I regained access, changed my password, and then he got pissed and went to his bank and demanded a chargeback; saying I stole it or something. I am scared for my account, i have been playing for 4 years and have put blood, sweat, and my social life in this account. I cannot fathom it being perma banned! Tears were shed whenever I seen this message pop up. How could this be happening? I didn't do anything and I am being punished? This can't be true! I am honestly considering taking the hacker to court for this. Not even joking. I have grounds for it. I really hope riot can sort this out, because that is my last resort option.
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