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THE NIGHTBLUE3 PROBLEM | League of Legends
Today we get very serious and talk about the recent issues regarding Nightblue3. I sincerely hope people take both this video and situation seriously as this topic is important to League of Legends itself.
People should be angry no matter which side you are on or if you are not on any particular side of this issue. It's funny how an lpp player can say anything - calling people idiots, cursing excessively, and flame in extreme - so long as they don't type it in chat. Cuz obviously typing in chat where it reaches... 9 other people for the most part is bad but... saying it on stream when you are SPONSORED BY RIOT where thousands of people WILL see it is ok? To use nb3 speak, sure everything's fine here. Nothing at all wrong with that logic. It's funny how when said lpp player reports an unusual strat that isn't actually inting, the player reported gets swiftly suspended because their strat: makes the game unfun for their teammates isn't meta they aren't communicating much/at all with their team Meanwhile ordinary players like you or I can have people do far worse, and nothing gets done about said players. Now, I'm not going to get in a "punish X" or "don't punish Y" about the past. But what I will say about the above 2 matches that I linked is this: In one, you can see the history of a lulu support who had her adc decide to spend half the game afk at tower but still connected to the game. How do I know? If he were dc'd, champs aa enemies by them, but he didn't. Also he would walk around occasionally. He refused to shoot at anyone even when tower dove and refused to leave tower to avoid being dove. So lulu (me) was stuck trying to 1v2 or even 1v3 hold tower as long as possible with team that could be rated as bad and inactive - nobody from other lanes winning or willing to make plays. So this jhin who sits afk and flaming me the entire game, this jhin who refused to work with team at all, he faced no consequences after the game even though several of us reported him. We've all been there and had bad games like that. This one was not one of my best, but I did manage to make some roams a 4v5 teamfight plays to try to get yasuo fed to carry us. Does this behavior from the jhin not sound like it has similar qualities of ruining the game for everyone else on top of being verbally abusive - much like what nb3 got his teammate banned for? And yet no action was taken against this jhin. Again... not asking for any action to be taken against him here... using this for illustrative purposes. But the kicker here gets even better. Now, I will warn you that the following portion will trigger pretty much everyone. It will - based on my historical experience on the boards - result in massive downvotes and outlandish false claims leveled against me, but I feel it has to be said to fully illustrate the depth of my frustration and the bias that TRULY DOES EXIST with the player behavior system and culture Riot's poor practices help foster. The culture which breeds the very toxicity Riot claims to fight against. As far as solutions to the problem... well I've made numerous other posts explaining how Riot could more properly address the root of the problem and improve the culture both within the game and maybe in larger society too. Welp... here goes: Now look at the game with the bard support. The other jhin (me as jhin) adc. Now in this match after bard and I won an early trade to get ourselves a lead we could build on, I was left to 1v2 vs a pyke and a cait as my support roamed around the map going to help everyone else. The enemy mid and jg also made regular visits bot, and I got 0 help with warding... trying to ward our entire blue jg and bot lane is pretty hard by yourself 1v4. The only time I'd get visits from my teammates were when bard would dirty farm to deny me cs or when I'd escape a 1v3 surprise gank and be set to grab a kill only to have mid flash in just to ks me and then tell me I was trash. Try grouping? Did that. I got zero peeling. They'd rather chase a pyke they can't catch across 3/4 the map to NOT kill him than give me even half a second of peeling in a teamfight. Which means that between olaf and fizz diving me, I'm pretty much screwed and essentially 1v2 in what should be a 5v5. And it makes it so much easier to deal with when... oh, your own support denies you cs and xp by farming between enemy tier 1 and tier 2 tower while I'm waiting to safely farm at my tower 1v1. Meanwhile elsewhere on map, my team loses a 3v4 siege at mid tier 2 tower and get wiped out. Whose fault is that? Obviously the adc who is trying to safely catch up, is halfway across the map from them with no way to join, and who has been verbally abused by them all game for omg dying a few times in a 1v2 or 1v3 laning phase while they sit on their butts and refuse to help or punish roams against him. Who isn't at fault? Apparently the bard who left them 3v4 instead of staying with them to 4v4 just so he could... starve his adc of cs and xp by dirty farming and cutting the wave off from reaching his adc. "This adc", "stay trash", "useless", "reported", "you're stupid", "it's ok guys, he doesn't have a brain so we can't blame him", and stuff like that. Apparently none of that qualifies as toxic. And apparently gameplay like that is ok so long as you don't do it to an lpp. Because none of my teammates that match - not even the bard - got punished at all. But a jhin who had to experience verbal abuse like the quotes I listed all game long from his whole team - yeah I muted people eventually, but it was still being said and I was doing my best for the first 15-20 min to communicate strategy with team and help them understand the situation I was in - that jhin can get a temp suspension because omg he got fed up with hearing this bs and told his teammates they were being idiots. Hmmm... to be sure, I'm not condoning saying someone is being an idiot. Much less calling someone an idiot - there is a difference between the two by the way. One is a statement of who someone is. Like your nationality - something you can't change. The other is a state of being - something that can be changed. Like what clothes you are wearing. And so saying someone is being an idiot - however bad it may be - is also saying that they are capable of NOT being an idiot. I.E. that they can CHOOSE to do/say smarter things than what they currently are. However, this is a rabbit trail anyways. If we compare what bard did in that game to what nb3 got his teammate banned for, it would appear that bard was doing far worse than what that teemo did. And on top of it, he was continually abusive. Look we all say something dumb sometimes in the heat of the moment. Someone calls me something once, it's whatever; I can forgive and forget. But you do something continually, then you're being a donkey and in my book you've surrendered any privilege to being treated with greater decency than that which you yourself are showing to the other person. So this bard especially had surrendered any privilege to me treating him with decency due to the way he spoke to/about me all game long and the toxic gameplay he was displaying which was designed to directly ruin any fun or ability to play the game for jhin (me). Did this bard face any consequences? Again... no. Apparently, you call someone an idiot or similar verbal offense, and all their sins against you... all their breaking of TOS and toxic behavior and words are cleansed away. They are a poor innocent soul that had to suffer through a game with a toxic jhin in the eyes of Riot and their player behavior machination. Funnier still - look at my supposed reasons for being punished when I was jhin and compare to what I dealt with as lulu where jhin was not punished: Me: afk farming at tower or farming jg camps when nothing else was available - ie afk/not cooperating with team Other jhin: afk at tower, not farming nor attempting to farm Me: fights back when attacked - even to point of outplaying a 1v3 and almost getting a double kill if not for my mid finally roaming bot only to flash ks a 150hp fizz from me Other jhin: stands there and lets enemy 3v2 tower dive him and myself without so much as autoing, casting an ability, or blowing a summoner Me: attempt to group and play with team Other jhin: 1v9 afk farm down side lane and just aa enemies until he dies if he's contested in his split Me: either mostly calmly and rationally reply or simply mute and ignore all verbal and gameplay abuse for over 20 min straight as your whole team proceeds to either directly or indirectly screw you over and blame you for it. Attempt to keep yourself relevant despite having 2-3 bloodthirsty people focusing you at all times. Attempt to work with your team even if they're being donkeys to you. Other jhin: decide that because you died overextending and your support didn't suicide with you that she's a bad support. From this point forward anything bad that happens is her fault and you tell her in explicit detail. Refuse to try to keep yourself relevant. Refuse to even attempt work with any teammates. Now, I ask that none of you looking at this hold anything against the other jhin. I'm not mad at him at this point. And I don't hate him for be having had my account suspended temporarily (way back... I can play for quite a long time now) while nothing was done to him despite him doing far worse than I ever did. My point is this: Riot doesn't treat all toxicity/griefing/(whatever you choose to call it) equally. And the nb3 case that's gone around the internet recently is just another prime illustration of that. People should be mad about that. People should protest that. Players and fans should work to FORCE Riot to improve their inconsistency and bias. I know you might think that you can't do anything on your own. But it won't be you alone doing it. A protest, a movement... is started by individuals choosing to take a stand. Those individuals then unite BECOME a force that has to be acknowledged. I myself have refused to play after my suspension was lifted... back in something like the start of February. I went from playing over a dozen games a week, to not playing at all even though I could play. Skeptics might claim I have another account, but I do not have any accounts I play on these days. I might be alone here right now, but I hope some of you good people have the courage to take a stand with me - you don't have to stop playing, but do make it known what you stand for. After going through numerous Riot player support tickets, board posts, talking with mods and others on discord I got nowhere by myself. I got a lot of b.s. "you should discuss this there instead", "that's not my job/area of expertise", "I might sympathize, but I can't do anything about it" from people. I got a lot of hate from people and false accusations. I experienced people who made false accusations as to what I did when their accusation were completely disproved by what I'd already shared with them and which they could verify by match history and/or looking at an actual video I'd just shared with them. As if all the evidence and calm rational debate points I made, all the time I invested meant nothing... they continued to blind themselves to the truth right in front of them. So I did the last thing to up the proof of the sincerity and validity of my argument. I told them I'd quit playing until they made improvements, and so far that has held true. So I understand if you don't want to go through that b.s. If you don't want to risk it. But I think this latest incident with nb3 kind of illustrates the point of why we need to start making a stand for improvement in the handling of player behavior by Riot. And it doesn't matter if you're on nb3's side, his teammate's side (long live off-meta people), or on neither side. Regardless of your side... Riot should not treat a situation differently simply because a famous/infamous or lpp person is involved in the incident. And they should address both toxic gameplay AND toxic chat with equal sincerity. Sincerely, longtime (ex)player Woodvsmurph
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