I have 2 things to cover.... First, a couple days ago I was reported by my entire team (3 of them) and a few on the other team for toxicity which led to me being chat banned for 25 games. But their reasoning as to why i was being toxic was that it is a toxic thing to type in all chat asking the enemy team to report your team for feeding when 2 of your own team members admitted to feeding and the other teamate (who never comfirmed he was feeding) was 1-15 and was running in 1v5 constantly. How am I the toxic one getting reported when my team is intentionally feeding!? Like the report system must be broken. Second, my internet for no reason went out for 10 minutes during a game. I struggled to get it back online and once I did I reconnected and played the game out. Once the game ended I was put into low-priority queue where I w]had to wait for 5 minutes before queuing for 5 games straight. WHY AM I PENALIZED FOR MY INTERNET SHUTTING DOWN (something I can't control). I mean Riot seriously... Your game is very poorly designed in this sense. There has to be some sort of algorithm that can detect the difference in a disconnection and somebody intentionally leaving the game. Please for the love of god fix this shit
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