"Game the System"

I recently got a post deleted and this message from a mod: > Heya Slime, > > I am deleting your comment "Lock in Nami top, feed your ass off, and don't say a word in chat in-game. Riot only bans based on in-game chat. Then after you leave the game, call him a bunch of racial slurs. > > This is kind of a joke, but sad that you can literally do this exact thing and never get punished." > > I don't see a purpose to this comment being here when it encourages or hints at ways to "game the system." > > Thanks, > > Galacius Maybe if your system is so terrible that people can actually do this and get away with it, you should change your system. There are posts every day reaching the top of the boards complaining about lack of pre- and post-game moderation. Stop deleting comments highlighting this and fix the problem.
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