Players, old vs. new

Honestly I've played league before, but there is one thing I know that has stayed constant...If someone is new, the people who have played league for awhile...not all but some, treat them so rudely! I get into some matches that are great teams, but I have gotten into a lot of teams that people are so rude if you don't do something. Why cant we be better at helping the new comers? Don't you want more people to be playing? More people the better the match can be. Also keep in mind that some people havent had the chance to play all the characters yet... ME for example, I watch youtube videos so I can get an idea for the people but still need the chance to learn their capabilities. I know the just of each one but each person is different in their own ways. Just would appreciate it better if people would be better team player then running off and doing their own thing. Is there a better way to help new people instead of getting so upset?
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