PSA: To all the toxic kids thinking they can join Overwatch

I've been playing Overwatch lately and seen a massive influx of League players. I've played Blizzard games for over 10 years and i've never once been toxic, ever. Despite being permanently banned once from League. I don't care to argue in Blizzard Games because they take a very firm stance against toxicity. They do not fuck around, it's not a free game, they will take your Blizzard account and stick it up yours if you're toxic. It's not free to play. They don't give a shit, they will go full Tyler1 on your ass. Today I saw two League players mentioning in General Chat in Overwatch about how they recently quit League, the argument quickly escalated from "me too" to "f*** YOU FA**OT" and a bunch of other slurs and swears in typical League of Legends fashion. I watched from a distance as I quietly clicked that Report Button with the cynical confidence that they will be punished. Other people in General Chat started mentioning how to calm down and chill. To which the League players (again in typical League player fashion rebutted) "They can't ban out 1000$ spenders" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Seriously, don't take my word for it then, but here's just a friendly service announcement. There's a reason Blizzard Games aren't ranked as Toxic as League of Legends worldwide, they will ban the shit out of you, take your money, close your and say thanks for the money. Don't say you weren't warned. Cheers. **ATD** EDIT: To everyone saying "this game is worse, that game is worse". I didn't make up the Worst communities in gaming ranking. Search it up anywhere, literally anywhere online and it's unanimously known League is top 5 most toxic communities (heck even type in "worst gaming communities of all time"),You're posting your **OPINION** on that since you're bringing no sources to the table, just pure emotion. Where as you can easily find 100 different websites which will rank League in the top 5 of worst gaming communities. FP2 is a big factor of this, but the FACT is League is ranked more toxic according to everywhere else in the world except your own head.
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