I received a death threat from a post I made here in Player Behavior

So a couple days ago I posted about an encounter I had during ranked where my team had a Nunu ADC who was purposely inting and said he wanted to get demoted to Iron IV. (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/ZjZAMeBV-inting-player-nunu-adc-said-he-wants-to-get-demoted-to-iron-iv) Today when I logged into League of Legends I had a friend request from someone. I didn't recognize the summoner name, so I looked him up on op.gg. I saw he was Gold IV (I am Silver IV right now). So then I thought oh cool maybe he's from the forums and added me and wants to group or help me out in my climbing through ranked. So I added him. About 30 minutes later I am playing a ranked game and he starts to send me direct messages while I'm in a game. First he starts sending me my own sentences from that forum post here. So I was like "uh, yeah, that's my post." And then he starts asking me me why do I play league if I am stuck in silver. I was like "hey man I just play for fun. I like to play and I am trying to get better..." Then he starts spamming that I am wasting my time if I am in Silver IV and I shouldn't be playing at all. I was like "haha you're funny", trying to play it cool, but I was getting a weird vibe. And then it got dark. He started saying that he can track my ip and that I am going to meet him very soon. He said that I don't deserve to live and insinuated that he is going to kill me. All because of my forum post here about someone inting. Meanwhile I am trying to play ADC Jinx in a ranked game and not be rattled by this guy, who I can't block now because I'm in a game. Ahh! And then he ended the conversation by telling me that he has 22 accounts and if I try to report him for threatening to kill me then he will create 6 more accounts to harass me. He said something like "cut one head off and 6 more will grow back". I was like "haha you're fun". Ugh. I made sure to grab some screen shots of the crazy stuff he was saying and after the match (I still managed to win!) submitted it in a ticket. Riot still hasn't responded. I know the forum rules and will not say the screen name of the person. And I also know that he might see this post. Basically, long story short -- now I know not to add random people who send me friend requests. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} To be honest I am still freaked out and hope Riot takes action soon.
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