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Hello everyone ! Today i recived 14-day suspension ... i dont even know for what .. for the record my account never had suspensions before no chat restriction nothing so i recived 14days out of the blue with chat logs wich im gonna post from single game -> Game 1 Pre-Game ScratchHelp: why ScratchHelp: would u ban pyke ScratchHelp: when he is in Q ScratchHelp: :-D so many reports inc .. toxic in normal game 4Head ScratchHelp: u called someone %%%%%% dude ScratchHelp: so ScratchHelp: 12btw In-Game ScratchHelp: u can report him not just for int but alsoe called us %%%%%%s in pick ScratchHelp: its rly not fun to be i nraid on WoW and alsoe play this clown fiesta :-D ScratchHelp: for what ? playing bad in normal game ? :-D ScratchHelp: cuz u let me die ScratchHelp: lol ScratchHelp: w/e guys ScratchHelp: in the end ScratchHelp: im in dia ScratchHelp: meanwhile ScratchHelp: u are lvl 25 ScratchHelp: 4Head ScratchHelp: i jsut dotn care abotu normals as i said im playing wow alswell rn :-D ScratchHelp: jsut check my winrate in rankeds ScratchHelp: ? ScratchHelp: well if someone wondered i didnt get a mount on WoW xD ok now im ful ltime here ScratchHelp: im playing horde :P ScratchHelp: afking ? ScratchHelp: im huging jsut yo mom ScratchHelp: booom ScratchHelp: rekt ScratchHelp: xD ScratchHelp: sheit ScratchHelp: im just huging her ScratchHelp: typing haHA in 2018 same ScratchHelp: gg boiz Post-Game ScratchHelp: oh i recived titl proof ScratchHelp: thank u ScratchHelp: thanks m8 I would like to pin point that i didnt used f word as a insult to someone and alsoe that i ve played 2nd game (wow) but i didnt afk in lol i afked in WoW most of it .. didnt recive any afk warning nothing basicly .. So tell me pls is it so toxic to say im hugging someones mom to recive ban out of the blue for 14 days ? + alsoe i ment it as a joke but ye ... sry for english
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