Why they did that ?

Hey guys, I never understood this type of behaviour.It happened last game but maybe this happens a lot for some of you. So let me explain what happened. It was between midlane and jungle. At the champion select screen the midlaner wanted to play heimer and locked it. The jungler ( hecarim ) start flaming him that he plays useless champion etc. The game didnt even started yet and they were flaming each other , you know what people saying , its gonna be a great game if the first teamfight is at the champion select. ( now typically i would dodge this game since its ranked and those guys are already tilted but this is my smurf account so i didnt care that much ) The game started : heimer went 0/2 and heca kept flaming him , calling him trash player etc... Heimer got some kills , he was coming back. He went to take blue buff but when hecarim saw that , he used E + ghost , ulted so he can get closer and smited the blue buff. After that he said ( no blue for trash players ) and kept calling him trash etc... and eventually heimer left the game. SO here is the interesting part : after heimer left , hecarim start lying in all chat he said ( lol this heimer flamed me whole game and ragequit after that cuz he is bad at the game ) in fact heimer didnt said anything. I said in all chat that this is not true and heimer didnt said anything but then heca was like ( of course trash premades supporting each other ) >.> the thing is i dont even know the heimer , hes not even on my friend list , i just said the truth lol Heimer eventually reconnected in like a minute ( probably he realised its not worth to get afk ques cuz of hecarim ) he tried to comeback but hecarim followed him everywhere and took his farm etc and ketp lying in all chat that heimer keep flaming him. After we lost a fight for a dragon , top and adc jumped on heimer. Saying that he has to unistall , saying his cs is too low for 20mins , that he has a lot of deaths. They went on him like a madmans. kept asking to 9x report heimer. of course we lost the game... So i wanted to ask you guys, WHY they did that i mean , they saw hecarim was straight up following him and stealing his farm for like 5-6 minutes. Trolled him/ stealing the blue buff ( when heimer was coming back into the game ) they saw hecarim is the troller but still went on heimer.... Like cmon >.>
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