[Clash] Players are playing in their smurfs. Should it be punished?

Sorry about posting this discussion in player behavior, but the clash board is just filled with "looking for team" posts. I've seen quite a few lfm/lft posts that mentioned they have smurfs on their team in the Discord channel associated with League subReddit. Today I actually met a team where their jungler is absolutely higher than his elo during the practice game. As they alleged, that's his smurf account. His resource control is great, but I can't tell which elo it belongs to (because I'm not extensively exposed to high elo competitive gameplays). I didn't play clash with them tonight, but I am just wondering how possible it is , if any likely, that Riot is able to detect players participating in clash with their alt accounts (lower elo than the main account). Riot's article about smurfing in clash: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001259787 In the article it says you are playing within 2 divisions of your highest-ranked account you will be fine; however it is vague about how/whether they are enforcing the punishment if any players did not follow the guideline: > We don’t endorse it because it can ruin the game for other players, like getting stomped by a smurfing player in Bronze. Tackling it on a massive scale is difficult due to the number of players in League and the ease of account creation—in most cases we won’t proactively remove smurfs from the game. > For example, if we find a player using a smurf to intentionally hurt the game and other players, we’ll take direct action on that account, and in some cases their main account as well. How is "hurting" defined? What about simply winning? Do you think there should be punishment to smurfs in clash _even_ they are not _intentionally hurting_ the game?

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