I Keep Being Abandoned By Supports

So, I'm not the worlds greatest ADC. I'm accepting of my current Bronze rating, but I try my best and I work hard to try and improve and climb however slowly it takes. But in two of my games today, my Support got upset with me for one thing or another, and decided to abandon me bot lane to go duo top. My Leona, I'm not entirely sure of (we ended up giving a double kill to the enemy Jinx and she got away with a smidgen of health, so I assume that had something to do with it), and My Soraka got upset with me for going to lane with sub-full health after helping leash Blue for our XIn despite having Doran's Blade for Lifesteal, a Health Pot, Heal, and... you know... a Soraka. Obviously, this makes it extremely hard to farm, as a smart opposing duo will punish me any time I come out from under tower to get last hits, and they'll freeze the lane to where just letting them push for days makes isn't an option (not to mention if they do get under tower, I tend to get dived or they get free tower plates cause a solo underfarmed ADC is not especially terrifying). Has this been happening to other people lately? I imagine it's a lower elo problem, but it just blows my mind that they think it's a good idea to essentially give bot lane to the opposing team for free just because they think the ADC is sub-par. **EDIT:** Since a lot of replies seem to be confused, let me explain more fully - this is not a problem with Supports roaming. I get that it's a major part of their role, and I am totally okay with them leaving me every so often to help secure a kill Mid, or help Jungle take dragon, or what have you. The problem I'm having is that the Support, about 3-5 minutes in to the game, decides that I'm just not worth getting their presence in lane, and leaves me and goes Top for the rest of the game. I then spend a large portion of the laning phase under tower trying to farm and being unable to as the Enemy ADC, Enemy Support, and often times the Enemy Jungle as well just keep going after me whenever I try to get a single CS because they know I can't respond in any meaningful way. Tower shots aren't enough of a threat 3v1 against an underfarmed ADC for me to be able to farm safely even when the wave is crashing.
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