Perm. Banned after two days playing?

Hello, I've only been playing L.O.L for two days made it to level 10 as of today Aug. 5th 2016 in the morning and got an email tonight telling me I was banned. I thought it was some scam or something but tried logging in and sure enough I was banned. I guess you should get some kind of card or something explaining why but I never got one. Has anyone else encountered this before? I don't know what I did wrong. I know I said "shit" once but other than that I don't know. I sent in a request to riot to see what happen. But was wondering if any of you have ran into this. I didn't see any warning's or anything but after reading some of the boards it can skip all of them. I mean if I did something wrong I would like to know. Below is the email I received: _**Greetings taowarya, Actions that have been performed on your account are in violation of the League of Legends Terms of Use. You can review these terms at Due to the severity of this violation, your League of Legends account has been banned until Mon Feb 22 22:22:22 UTC 2900 If you have any questions, contact our Player Support team at Riot Games Player Support **_ Have a good day all, TaoWarYa
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