Will I get banned if I go AFK in matches.

Will I get my account 14 day or permanently banned if I afk/ leave the game? Like, I join the game, hover, ban, go into champ select, pick, then I'm in the game, while I'm like 8 mins. in the match, and I afk, will I get banned? or if it's consistent and I afk like, EVERYAGAME, will I get banned? Or will I get just a timer? AGAIN no toxicity, I just got up and had to leave cuz, for an example, water got spilled on my keyboard, I afk/leave to fix it, and after that struggle of work, I come back, but only to forget I was in the match, watch YouTube for like, 3 hours let's just say, and then go back to league, will I get banned if I do this horrible pattern?

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