I'm a toxic player

I'm a toxic player, I enjoy playing the game but I keep getting ban after ban to a point I need to level up my 4th account to level 30. Is there a way if I provide enough evidence to get a perma chat ban on my account? I know it sounds silly but I can't reform I get furious while playing videogames and one thing I realized is that while I'm chat banned I never waste my messages on flaming just on giving quick callouts and write short line of infomation to my team. If you are one of the guys saying hey you should stop playing videogames I respect your opinion but it is what I love to do but sometimes I admit I take it way too serious and become incredibly toxic and behave badly which result in me getting bans. Like right now as I speak I have a 14 day suspension on this account. Of course I'll just wait the suspension out but is there a way that riot and you the player can agree together that the account I own can be perma chat banned so I stop flame my team and get tilted myself and them by it. Also it's hard to tell a toxic person to stop being toxic when you got anger issues. It's like saying as a example someone with parkinsons to stop shaking continously. If a rioter or anyone that knows the fact if you can do this or not I would really apperciate if you could post in this thread so I can post a actual request to riot to do this. Thanks for reading.
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