Played against the SAME smurf 2 times in 3 games

His name is [removed by moderation] he plays Kassadin with the same partner and proceeds to solo carry. Literally 2 times in 3 games he is elo boosting his friend. I checked his 85% win rate always kassadin withe same duo partner why does Riot allow this to begin with? First time I was pissed but let it go. Then they literally put me against him AGAIN one game later same story. Why do you make me face an elo booster smurf, both games were toxic blaming the lane he was destroying, why haven't you banned him it is quite obvious he is boosting a friend/client? I have literally lost 45 lp in 3 games because you make me play against the SAME smurf again and again. wtf why is riot forcing me to play against the same person that is a smurf? Literally brags about it in chat then says are you mad? No punishment though.
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