I got restrict but other guy should have been perma banned

Game 1 Pre-Game Imaktipik: no Imaktipik: no Imaktipik: do you think i will give it Imaktipik: i maybe could Imaktipik: but if you didnt ban champ Imaktipik: that is disrespect Imaktipik: why taric mid? Imaktipik: why Imaktipik: ban Imaktipik: draven Imaktipik: i can play teemo adc Imaktipik: not that bad In-Game Imaktipik: how does this bitchh survive 2v1?? Imaktipik: such r%%%%%ed champ Imaktipik: you are so bad akali honestly Imaktipik: how pathetic you need to be to flash hextech gunblade Imaktipik: they have too much fucking poke i cant even farm Imaktipik: gj Imaktipik: i hope your life gets better honesly Imaktipik: honestly Imaktipik: ok Imaktipik: now stfu Imaktipik: u dog Imaktipik: nice Imaktipik: and ban my champion Imaktipik: thats why i am 0 Imaktipik: i picked troll pick Imaktipik: bc you banned my champ Imaktipik: i wanna troll you Imaktipik: teemo isnt adc Imaktipik: i troll picked Imaktipik: oh sry Imaktipik: you are iron Imaktipik: you are muted and reported So this Taric wanted ADC i said no he then banned champion i hovered and went Taric mid. I picked Teemo after all it is normal game and if he can pick Taric mid i can go Teemo bot lane. I was here toxic a bit with akali and thats okay I deserved my restriction. But Taric said like 11 times that I am autistic,that i lack braincells,that i am r%%%%%ed. And he didnt get banned? I got 3 accounts perma banned and for that kinda thing i got 14 day bans. Now can Riot workers explain to me why didnt he got at least chat restricted and I did?
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