I just left a game. Not because I lost lane, but because my team were dicks

I haven't played vs a Ryze top in a long time and after the change they gave him, I had no idea what to expect. So obviously I lose. Badly. I'm forced undertower, losing more and more farm while Ryze keeps his advantage and gobbles up farm. First thing my team says is, "Lul top CS difference." Me, I'm well aware that Ryze has a 60 CS lead on me, because I don't want to die in lane and give him even more gold. So I just sit back and ping for help. The jungler DOES eventually come up, but even with that, I'm still amazingly weak and can't do much with it. I still try to stay positive and play the game out, doing what I can in team fights and trying to remain relevant, but throughout the entire game my team keeps throwing random dirt at me. Not at all trying to help me out or keep me positive, knowing I'm already probably tilted with my KDA and CS. But no, they keep saying things like, "handicap lulz" and random "sighs" and constant pings on the Ryze's items, then eventually one person just says "gg attrox." I flat out blow up and curse out every person who said anything to me, cursing them all out with every explicative I knew, then left the game. They lost obviously. Was I wrong? Yes. I was. But at the same time, this mentality of kicking a player while they're down needs to stop. Because they didn't give a shit that I left because I got fed up with their shit talk. They didn't feel bad. They probably all went, Lulz reported and moved on with their lives just to do it again. This nonsense is why people say that League's community is filled of the most toxic immature children ever. Because Riot never does anything strict enough to punish these people. Ya'll talking about Nightblue and how toxic he is. Nightblue is just League's community all personified in one person, the spotlight is just on him because he's a popular streamer.
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