14 day ban because playing Nunu Support with Smite is "stealing other people's roles"...?

Hello, I am Take the Draw, I'm a Nunu one trick pony. I'm almost always listed as the #1 Nunu in NA on various champion skill sites, I ended Season 4 in Challenger (rank 176), and after a 2 year break, I peaked this season at Diamond 1 75 LP. Compared to season 4, I noticed that Nunu jungle is far weaker than it used to be. Counterjungling just isn't as effective as before due to changes in jungler experience gain as well as the addition of Gromp/Scuttle and the change to Raptor camp that makes Nunu's single-target counterjungle much worse. That said, the long camp respawn times have made it a viable strategy still. The problem is there's very little time with Nunu's abysmal clear speeds to counterjungle and clear your own jungle, which is why I've started playing Nunu as a support rather than a solo jungler. This lets you keep Nunu's great counterjungling and insane neutral objective control, while still preserving the map pressure of having a jungler that can actually gank and quickly clear your own jungle. I've spent hundreds of hours honing this strategy and have developed it to the point that I feel confident that I can achieve at least Master tier with it. The last game of solo queue I played was against Phreak. We won in extremely convincing fashion, the VOD of which can be found on my Twitch page here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/123657437 The next afternoon I get an e-mail saying that my account was flagged for manual audit and issued a two week suspension, with the warning that if my account is audited again that the next penalty will be a permaban. In the 4 years I've had this account, I've never been banned or suspended previously. I try every game I play, even when I have to deal with extremely belligerent teammates. The first response I got from Player Support (funny enough, the exact same specialist who handled the similar Singed support case) was a boilerplate saying that I was engaging in 'negative behavior' : http://imgur.com/qAjp3bJ . The follow up explanation is that I was "stealing other people's roles" and "failing to communicate": http://imgur.com/U8RLyn7 . Since I queue Support/Jungle, I get Autofill protection, which means that I am guaranteed one of these two roles. As you can see in my match history: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=take+the+draw I've only ever played Ivern Jungle and Support Nunu in my entire two years of play, with the exception of one Veigar game and one Teemo game in which I was in a full premade with friends. Very obviously the specialist is interpreting my Support Nunu with Smite as stealing the Jungle role, despite the contradictory claim that off meta picks were okay. I'm also not entirely sure where this "failing to communicate" thing is coming from. I have hours of VODs on my Twitch channel dating back to when I first theorycrafted this strategy that you can see here: twitch.tv/itslevi . I type a paragraph long explanation at the beginning of every champion select. I answer questions and give champion recommendations if people ask. I communicate more than almost anyone I've played with in game both with pings and chat since working with my team is essential to my strategy's success. I compiled data over my last 10 wins and losses (to minimize the effects of correlation), which can be seen here (my na.op.gg is publicly available so anyone can feel free to audit this for accuracy): http://imgur.com/DrT7lFG As you can see I place more wards than most of the opponents' supports (and usually in more valuable, deep jungle locations), as well as serving as a kind of mobile ward myself. Quite frankly, I completely dominate neutral objectives, and the counts over my last 10 wins and losses were: 53 Dragons for my team vs 15 for the enemy team 18 Barons for my team vs 5 for the enemy team 11 Rift Heralds for my team vs 0 for the enemy team How would this be possible if I was "failing to communicate"? The data just doesn't support that ridiculous claim. Further, the data shows that while my bot lane does tend to do worse than the enemy bot lane playing most of the games 1v2, they're on average only 5% behind on gold but the enemy jungler is 6% behind. My bot lanes also get solo experience, and my other solo lanes tend to overperform because their lane opponents have to defend against constant invades and they get ganked way less than they would under traditional play. I've worked very hard to develop a strategy that's viable at high Elo with a champion that's mostly been forgotten, and Riot has essentially empowered people to reject it just because they don't want to try anything new.
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