I Need Help With my Mentality

I used to have so much fun playing this game, climbing, and trying to become better. But suddenly I get so mad at every single loss and blame everyone BUT ME. I learn NOTHING from my losses because I am too mad to see past it all. Even in games I perform bad in I just get annoyed and try to surrender and blame people and make everyone mad. Which turns the game into a toxic cesspool where there is no hope in winning because I turned team chat into a war. I really really really enjoy the game. I love it so much but it's impossible for me to not get mad at it and rage to the point where my blood is boiling and I end up with a headache and even yelling at people to leave me alone IRL. I know it's a me problem but I don't know what to do. This is just on my mind so I'm sorry this is such a mess. Edit: I'm not a terrible person I don't think. But when I become aggravated, I'm suddenly a whole different person. Edit: 2 days later I got that sweet 14 day ban. lol xd
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