From 14 days suspension to Honor level 5 (it's possible!)

It finally happened. After losing my cool in one game in August, and receiving a 14 day suspension, I decided to do whatever it took to become a positive force in the League community. In the beginning of October I got to honor level 4, and finally, today, I got my honor level 5! Here is how I did it: I downloaded something called AutoHotKey, a simple, free scripting program that takes 15kb on your computer. Here's the step by step: Step 1: Download AutoHotkey and install (it's free and takes like 15 seconds). Step 2: Go to your desktop, and right click -> new -> AutoHotkey Script Step 3: Call it "Disable toxic behavior". Step 4: Right click it and left click "Edit script". Step 5: Type in this exact code from the top of your notepad document: Step 6: Save it, and then double click this symbol: Step 7: Try to press enter on your keyboard and fail. Step 8: Play a League game with this script on. Voluntary self-mute achieved! ------------------------------------- I can't count how many times I've wanted to say someone is bad, and this script stopping me in my path. It's an account saver. Riot accepts scripts that are one input = one output. And since this script is one input = zero output, it doesn't really matter. That's like pressing an unassigned key on your keyboard. You won't get banned for using it. For all those who still question whether it's legit, here's a direct correspondence I had with Riot about it: My question: >My question is simple: I cannot find a way to disable Enter as a hotkey for >chatting ingame. I'm trying to make chat unnecessary for my > gameplay, so while I am coming into that mindset, I want to disable it as a hotkey altogether. > >I have looked through the config files too, but can't find the hotkey for Enter anywhere. Is it okay if I use a simple AutoHotKey command that simply disables Enter? You can even have the code: > >; Disable Enter > >Enter::Return > >That's it. That's the entire script I want to use. It is okay if I use it? I dropped the entire autohotkey file in here too. You don't have to open it, it just says what I described above. Answer from Riot: >Hi there, > >NiceToMeatYou44 here. > >I'm afraid the Enter key cannot be unbound. > >Now, regarding the program, as long as you are not using Autohotkey to spam the chat >(you're doing quite the opposite here), which IS bannable, then you should be able to use it without a problem. > >I ask that you would use the hotkeys responsibly, and as long as you do, then you should >have nothing to worry about > >If you have any other questions, feel free to let me know! > >All the best, > >NiceToMeatYou44 > >Player Support Specialist ----------------------------------------- As you can see, this prevented me from being toxic all the way from the brink of permanent suspension, to honor level 5. I'm not looking for compliments, but I hope to set an example for others that want to attempt the same thing. If you're also afraid of being banned due to your own temper, or know you from time to time write unnecessarily toxic things in the chat, mute yourself! I've gotten to a point where I don't need it anymore, but it helped me a lot of times when I got frustrated. It helped to know that I wouldn't allow myself to write anything, and this script physically blocked me from doing so. Try it!
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