Was banned for intentional feeding went 0/13

I know it sounds really bad but i can assure you there was a good reason. I was in my lane against a Darius and i was doing very bad I admit died twice before 10 min my mid laner asked wanna switch? i said Yes Please and i went there and i kept dying the Talon that switched then stayed at base and said open then the bot lane zilean and sivir agreed and afked with him and left me and Ekko to 2v5 and me and ekko were just meat shields for our nexus as we watched in pain while our nexus was destroyed and thats how i died so many times and then i emailed riot to see if i was unjustly banned and apparently 8 people reported me which was why i was banned... I just really wanna get unbanned I have done some toxic things in the past to get chat restricts but i just wanna play league i didnt do anything that game...
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