Banned ( 2011 )

So I was banned in 2011 or so with the introduction of the Tribunal. Feelsbadman. Reason was harassment; in particular I said things other people didn't like and did so often enough that I needed to be banned for life from what I was told. This of course was a different policy than other online games and came as a bit of a surprise. I did not charge back any purchases or anything of that nature upon being banned but I did write 1-2 letters ever since 2011 to Riot Games to petition for an unban. Several employees have come and gone and the game has even changed hands with TenCents acquisition of the IP some years ago. Every time I have petitioned I have been denied and told the issue is settled. I don't quite understand what brought the game and eventually society to the point where words were dangerous or that people should be shielded from words, mockery, critique or verbal hazing but alas the game and world went there. Now I'm 30, and have been banned since my early 20's. Surely I'm a different person but at the same time I still have a differing philosophy than riot. I don't believe in zero chance of redemption or permanent punishment. At times I feel I must be a monster. Where I live 20 years is a life sentence. 20 years is considered a period of time meant to represent an entire life and heinous crimes may result in multiple consecutive life sentences. I have served 6 years banned for hazing players within the confines of single games including pre and post game chats where applicable. Never did I attempt to track and continually message any given member party. Once the game was over - the game was over - and there would be no communication between me and these victims. No stalking, no continual multi-game harassment and certainly no threats of violence or law breaking you would expect permanent suspensions to be reserved for. I don't know why it is so important that my account remain banned. I don't understand a policy where I am told to create a new account and continue adding and contributing to the community and of what relevance maintaining this ban has if I am to be able to continue playing on a new account. Is the only reason to take something from me because of the negative effect I may have had on others? Is it to be believed those effects are permanent? There is no evidence anyone's current life beyond my own is affected by my past behavior. From the beginning of this game I have contributed and supported the growth of the game. I just want a chance to return under equal terms. I want my account back, my alias and we can talk about what you need me to do in return. Lets have an open dialogue with the community to determine the appropriate road back for offenders which are non-violent, have broken no real world laws and are willing to work on behalf of the player base and riot to make the game better. The system does not work. The game has an unarguably toxic environment and has become infamous for this very nature. How exactly this environment was fostered and came to fruition is a bit of a mystery. What is known is the decidedly inefficient fashion in which this matter is tackled. When based on the morals and ideals of very few people; the rules and restrictions do not reflect the will or ideology of mankind. I have trouble believing in the year 2011 the appropriate response to my behavior that month was to permanently ban my alias and inventory. I can understand a ban or extended ban. At five years I could hardly believe I was still banned. Now in 2017 I just really wish there was an initiative by riot to rethink their policies in an effort to better address behavioral issues. The critique exists as follows; the system just isn't good enough. You can write me back every year and tell me I am banned for ever - I will keep writing in every year because eventually you and your ideals will change or be extinguished and either reborn or replaced. I may never be unbanned - but I sure hope Riot gets their shit together and implements a better system than the tribunal. Never is a damn long time.
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