14 - Day Ban: First Offense

Just played a crazy game where we fell behind really hard early and almost brought it back and won. The tension was really high and both teams were playing their hearts out. Our Vi went for a chase and our team pinged her back. She then pretty much gave up and ran into the enemy team dying on purpose because she did not like us spam pinging her. She even admitted that she did it on purpose so it's not like she lagged or anything. I told her to kill herself. This is obviously unacceptable behavior and I deserve to be punished for it. I did not know that apparently even if it is your first offense, if you use language that encourages others to harm themselves (most commonly kys), you will be banned for 14 days. My account is now one step away from perma banned when it had no punishments what so ever beforehand. I was also an honor level 3 player, which I was happy with because it is still early in the season and not as many people have it yet. Here is a link to my chat log and the match history: https://imgur.com/a/hbaMv Here's a short clip of our Vi getting spam pinged and then giving up: https://streamable.com/myzwk Moral of the story: This is a warning to people with no suspensions. Don't lose your temper. Never say anything in chat that is negative, or better yet, don't really use chat at all. And if you do, definitely don't say kys because you will get banned no matter how many offenses you have. This was quite a shock to me but I will be sure to improve my behavior in the future.
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