A Hacker Got Me Perma-banned

So I stop playing league for 5 months and when I revisit my main after those 5 months I find my account being Permanently banned. I go to college and classes are important so I took a break and stopped playing. For some reason apparently someone managed to break into my account and get my main account banned. I've read that permanently banned accounts can't be recovered and the user has to suck it up and deal with it. Well, I have to suck up the harsh reality that I didn't touch my account for 5 months and it got banned? Second of all, this hacker changed the name of the account while I, the original user, was inactive. I created the account as Chaimaster123. I stopped playing on that account around the last two weeks of December 2018. I revisit today to find out it was banned. The current name is Greatest Vibe. I'm not expecting Riot Games to unban the account, but I just want them to be aware that this has happened and I hope they will look further into this in order to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for reading.
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