First ban = Permanent

So today I was banned on my account for verbal abuse permanently. I probably deserved the ban because I did say some bad stuff but I have NEVER been banned before on this account. Did I deserve a permanent ban for my first ban? I said braindead and kys which are very toxic but it's not fair that the game banned me permanently. I can understand being banned permanently after like 3 normal 7 day bans. Also do Riot Games track ids because I was permanently banned on another account on the same ip. MY LOG: Game 1 Pre-Game TheDiamondPro44f: mid TheDiamondPro44f: mid TheDiamondPro44f: rip yoergen In-Game TheDiamondPro44f: AS TheDiamondPro44f: WTF TheDiamondPro44f: LUCKER TheDiamondPro44f: youre dead TheDiamondPro44f: next time kid TheDiamondPro44f: playing adc on mid TheDiamondPro44f: get a life TheDiamondPro44f: sure TheDiamondPro44f: where does it say that TheDiamondPro44f: sure TheDiamondPro44f: kid TheDiamondPro44f: nice q TheDiamondPro44f: it went sideways TheDiamondPro44f: stfu TheDiamondPro44f: bi4 TheDiamondPro44f: you both have autizm TheDiamondPro44f: and you're autistic TheDiamondPro44f: 0/3 TheDiamondPro44f: learn to read TheDiamondPro44f: stfu TheDiamondPro44f: youre reported kid TheDiamondPro44f: kys TheDiamondPro44f: for u TheDiamondPro44f: idc TheDiamondPro44f: get a life TheDiamondPro44f: kids TheDiamondPro44f: adn then talk TheDiamondPro44f: and you're 9 TheDiamondPro44f: run TheDiamondPro44f: scared? TheDiamondPro44f: cause you're under the towe TheDiamondPro44f: r TheDiamondPro44f: r u braindead TheDiamondPro44f: or yes TheDiamondPro44f: sure TheDiamondPro44f: run TheDiamondPro44f: Ez TheDiamondPro44f: EZ TheDiamondPro44f: EZ TheDiamondPro44f: Ez TheDiamondPro44f: ZE TheDiamondPro44f: EZ TheDiamondPro44f: 4/1 TheDiamondPro44f: get rekt TheDiamondPro44f: thx for money TheDiamondPro44f: yeah thx for shut down TheDiamondPro44f: yeah u will see TheDiamondPro44f: late game TheDiamondPro44f: the build TheDiamondPro44f: muted TheDiamondPro44f: i dont talk to braindead idiots TheDiamondPro44f: TO TheDiamondPro44f: buy yourself some glassed TheDiamondPro44f: glasses TheDiamondPro44f: cry TheDiamondPro44f: Ez Post-Game TheDiamondPro44f: naah TheDiamondPro44f: draven is better TheDiamondPro44f: for that TheDiamondPro44f: and miss
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