The "Ban words" system should be aware of location specific meanings

I just stumbled upon this on euw server and realised that .... the system is not very clever. basically , not every language is supported by riot games and that person is danish. i agree that KYS is an acronym used in league of legends to ask people to kill themselves, however , it should be a contextualized ban nonetheless. in that Very specific case ----------------------------------------------------------- #This is what is said : [16:00] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): men jeg skal have noget guld for at få mad [17:04] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): taaak tak [17:46] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): kys kys til dig smukke [18:10] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): <3 ----------------------------------------------------------- #This is what the bot understood : [16:00] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): men [?] have [?] for at [?] mad [17:04] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): [?] [17:46] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): kys kys [?] [18:10] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): <3 ---------------------------------------------------------- #This is what google translate understood : [16:00] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): but I need some gold to get fed [17:04] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): Yeees Yes [17:46] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): kiss kiss to you beautiful [18:10] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): <3 --------------------------------------------------------- #This is what riot will try to prove happened [16:00] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): Stop feeding r%%%%% %%%%%04] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): Fuck you [17:46] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): kys kys bitch [18:10] [All] [removed] (LeBlanc): ( è︿é)_╭∩╮ ----------------------------------------------------------- I know it is used by american (i mean English speakers in general , but more often north Americans) people as a very naughty sentence, but you're not gonna ban entire language from being spoken right also That's a big nono , a litteral 2 seconds google translate would have told you the opposite. I mean , He could've lied about everything else but you CANNOT deny other languages exist and are used. this is actually xenophobic borderline racist, and quite Anglocentric. also ,[ i invite you to go and take a look at the original thread.]( , i'm not the original author, but i know there is a bigger chance riot will see it there it's okay that the system banned him , statistically , i have no problem with that , i have problem with the fact that he remained banned anyway given the context. Edit: [So riot responded the magical "well , he had an unsportsmanlike behavior (which is quite large tbh) x games ago so he remain banned (even if h would NOT have been banned if their system was contextualized) "]( and anyway ,this answer should've never popped int he first place system should be more aware of these things.
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