Your reporting is stupid and only people that talk crap get in trouble!!!!

MY thoughts! TO MANY! I pick support to try and help someone I don't even know out in a lane in ranked, and I pick my champion before hand, not only does this adc ban my champ but has the nerve to say "are u mad". This is not reportable why, in makes people tilited and honestly why help that person anymore if they just want to be a dickhead from the beging of game!!! But if u you talk crap in a game you more then likely to get reported then this crap right here! I just believe that reporting does nothing in this game unless u talk crap. And i'm sure u people will have pletnty to tell me like u should play a different champ or that u should just play the game and mute them but that is beyond the point of what I am saying. People that tilt other people before a game before it even starts should get in trouble! And like I said before to many thoughts and things to say so i'm done! Have a great day!
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