Unban request?

So its maybe been a little over a year since I played on League.. I was just wondering If an unban would be possible. Now I'm not trying to make this a sob story but I'm definitely not the richest and when you spend at least $200 dollars on ur LoL acc and get banned it definitely is a bummer, I shoulda thought of that cause their is a consequence for everything I say or do in game , now I'm reformed and more mature now at the time I was 15 but I'm 16 now and have a job and working on my GED , having league would be awesome for thing to do to pass time , also not to add fuel to the fire but I know what I did and said was wrong but people like "Tarzaned" are very toxic even more than me don't get banned and maybe its unfair idk , but hey if you can unban my acc , e.g like tyler1 I heard hes getting unbanned , I'd really appreciate it riot.. But til' next time cheers. Thanks .
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