Riot has to be better when it comes to players intentionally ruining games

Gonna be honest, Riot has dropped the ball on their punishment system when it comes to players intentionally throwing games/griefing. I had a player last night who intentionally ran it down lanes 10 times and then sat and did nothing for the entire game. It was a complete 4v5 but they moved around so they weren't punished by Leaverbuster. I knew this player was going to intentionally feed once I got into game because I checked his match history and here is what I saw...[/IMG] Sure enough he did the same thing he's done for the past 30 games, he bought boots and inted the whole game. It was a hard fought 4v5 and we actually almost won but we just couldn't overcome being down a player and so we lost. Naturally I reported him after the game and so did everyone else in the game. I imagine he's been reported constantly during his 30 game stretch yet he continues to play games. I even sent in a ticket to Riot support only to have to automatically closed by Blitz Bot telling me "They'll check it out!". Meanwhile he's ruined 9 more games since last night for other players without any kind of punishment and is still playing today. Riot, you have to be better than this. It's one thing not to be able to detect people griefing or players intentionally playing bad or running into a team 1v5 but when you have a player who doesn't buy any items, intentionally runs into towers, does less than 1k damage in a game and has 20 CS your system should be able to detect that player and ban them. At the very least it should be promptly looking into players who obviously have been reported multiple times for that particular behavior and flagging their account. This player has been doing this for weeks, not days. There's just no excuse for a player getting away with that for that long and ruining the game experience for that many people. I honestly don't understand how this happens or why the system is this ineffective towards stopping extremely toxic behavior. Is it a complete lack of effort on Riot's part? Do they just not take this kind of stuff seriously? Or is it a flaw in the system, where the system actually doesn't analyze games at all and for anything to be done it must be manually reviewed? If this is the case why is Riot automatically closing my ticket when I report a player? Surely if the account had been analyzed at all, the player would be banned immediately yet they continue playing. I'm hoping Riot starts taking topics and player responses like this more seriously and rolls out a system that will be more effective at tackling this behavior because honestly it's a huge black mark on their game.
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