Finally, honor lvl 2 after a 14 day ban. Here are my thoughts on honor progression.

More proof, for anyone skeptical: Anyways, after being banned last preseason around November 14th, I have finally gotten my honor level back up to level 2. It has taken me 7 months to do it, and it wasn't easy. This account was playing mostly in high plat and low diamond and only ranked for the past 7 months which is literally a cesspool of ego and toxicity. But, now that I can finally receive rewards, I want to give my thoughts on the honor system in regards to players who have suffered a punishment. First of all, the system is too punishing. Having 2 levels below normal honor level is too much, imo. This makes climbing take twice as long. So, maybe we don't really need an honor level 0. Just a thought. Secondly, it takes too long for honor to progress in the lower levels. It took me 7 months to climb from honor lvl 0-2, but on my smurf account I'm almost honor level 4 with a fraction of the amount of games played that my main has. Maybe make the honor level progress a little quicker or make your progress more visible so that people do not get discouraged when it takes forever to get back their honor. Lastly, I think honor received in ranked matches should be worth much more than honor in normal matches. Ranked is usually where people are trying harder and therefore much more emotional than in other ques. So, it stands to reason that players should be rewarded more for keeping their cool in ranked matches that are usually much more likely to result in toxicity and flame. I notice a lot of people posting on here saying that they rarely encounter toxic players or any toxicity, and when I check their match history 90% of the time I find almost all normals and/or usually a very low elo in ranked with very little games. Now, I'm not trying to rank-shame or anything like that, but please understand two important things about competition and toxicity: 1. The less competitive the game mode the much less likely that players will be toxic. 2. The higher elo you are the much more likely players will be toxic due to their own ego. Once again, I am not trying to shame anyone or call anyone out on here. I'm simply trying to address the problems I see with the honor and punishment system as a "reformed" player. I also wanted to give my thoughts on people who are more or less defending the system without actually experiencing the most toxic environments and higher levels of competition this game has to offer or even experiencing the punishment system first hand by being punished. Please, before writing me off as salty or toxic, please think about what I am saying here and try to look at it from more than one perspective. Try putting yourself in the shoes of a player who has been recently punished and now has to deal with this slow and taxing system riot has put in place in order to "reform" and regain your imaginary honor points and be eligible for rewards and clash.
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