Robots and kids.

I have played this game almost a decade, probably a decade. Before a lot was different. With that being said, I did not know it was against the rules to share this account with my little brother. Its been a long time ya see. I once in a while would let him play a few games, I set the settings so no one can chat to other teams, and that all filters for bad words were on. It seems that I was not warned for any of the times he was getting a report for his wrong doing. Which my account was reported but I was never notified outside of the game with an email or anything. Apparently it was automated as well, which seems extremely silly see.... A few words like you suck or noobi are so offensive to the team, which my little brother is just a kid, he obviously did some bad stuff. I invested a lot of money, timed, and opened everything for the account. I even notice that players subject themselves to this type of toxic chat system, which could just easily be removed from the game, makes NO SENSE to even honestly have it if it causes most of gaming issues, if anything you lose a lot of players because of it. With all that being said, I lose my account because someone got butt hurt multiple times when my little brother played on my account. To be fair thats not really account sharing, thats a family account. Which I would LOVE TO HAVE BACK AND UNBANNED. I will most definitely use the account to only myself for now on but I would love to have it all opened and playable with all my champs with no extra warnings or anything. So please Riot, restore me to the game I ultimately love, ya say ya don't give second chances. That isn't true, I see people get unbanned. Please un ban me, I SO DON'T DESERVE THIS! :[ You also would know if it was REVIEWED BUY A PERSON by the personality differences, I can only assume I was banned by AI. Just please give me my account so I can change the password and enjoy it for myself. I don't even compete. I just enjoy it. {{summoner:4}}
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