People that tell you to commit suicide.

Summoners that tell you to commit suicide should be punished more severe than those who just call you names in game. This behaviour should be punished on sight and the punishment should not require repetitive behaviour over certain amount of games. Its disgusting and its below any standards (even mine ). It's more gamebreaking than any shit you can type in chat, and people who do it and feel that they wont be punished should not exist. I may be salty but i'm done with people who think spamming chat with "kys " etc is just as bad as calling someone " idiot " its not the same. It actually is very diffrent and this said it should be punished in diffrent way. People that do it frequently digust me , and the knowledge that they will be punished the same way tilted guys that cant hold their nerves are, if obv they willl be punished at all makes me sad. Both behaviours are unacceptable but are very diffrent and the severity is diffrent. I strongly believe that people who tell you to commit suicide should be punished instantly and on sight not just after they show "repetitive toxic behaviour"

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