Banned for 14 Days for a friendly game?

Just had a game and I got flamed after asking if somebody was lagging, he said french insults to me then i talked back the only french insults to me. I play game and botlane starts flaming me the whole game cause I had a bad one. I ignore them and continue to play. They constantly flame and ping on me. After game they probably reported me thus resulting in a bann for 14 days my first one. It makes no sense to me because in League of Legends you are allowed to swear in a friendly way unless your flaming at somebody for being bad or for no reason at all. If Riot would look at the Chat the WHOLE chat and send me that then I can show you that I am the one getting flamed the whole game and they should get a bann!! I feel this is unfair as I am the one getting flamed and then getting a bann??? wtf Can I send an appeal somewhere? Cheers Game 1 In-Game HaseLover: here we go again HaseLover: why noc? HaseLover: u had remake last game too? :D HaseLover: last jjungler did exactsame HaseLover: u still laggin brand? HaseLover: dude turn off your youporn HaseLover: fis de pute HaseLover: pute HaseLover: nic ta mere HaseLover: aaiai HaseLover: they doing lane HaseLover: typical singed player : HaseLover: fk HaseLover: oh HaseLover: huh :D HaseLover: holy fk he actualy got the rh HaseLover: oom HaseLover: n1 yas HaseLover: noc ss care HaseLover: jhin dr HaseLover: nice HaseLover: u got it HaseLover: ooh dan HaseLover: dat singed mfker :D HaseLover: n oc ss top HaseLover: noc ss top care HaseLover: fuaiai HaseLover: ye we can do it HaseLover: ye w can :D HaseLover: chill the fk ut man HaseLover: wahts with pinging brand? HaseLover: its gud noc lose his ga HaseLover: give elder
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